Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bloodshot | Generally Nerdy Written Review

Vin Diesel really wants to prove that he IS a nerd. He is the voice of Groot in the MCU, claims to have played D&D as a kid, has a penchant for episodic movies, and is the driving force behind one of the better science fiction action adventure series in recent memory. Now he is looking to add "semi-obscure comic book superhero" to his list of nerd franchise titles. And it seems to have worked.

There isn't much about this movie to write home about. Really it is an adequate action movie, with a plot that is pretty transparent the whole way through. The opening of the movie would hold its own with any, non- Stephen Spielberg directed/produced, war movie. The setup for the rest of the plot, the motivation of the meat of the movie, is also effective. Sure it has been done before in most of those non- Stephen Spielberg directed/produced war movies, but Diesel does a fair job of selling it and the actress playing his wife, Talulah Riley, is sufficient as well. The "subversion of expectation," or the "twist" if you will, isn't all that much of a secret upon the big reveal. But it all helps you escape for 109 minutes or so regardless.

I realize it sounds like I am kind of poo-pooing a lot about this movie, but I never said this movie excelled in any particular area. It is just a fun escape. This movie will not knock your socks off, it won't change the way you view film, and it is by far NOT the best origin-story comic book movie ever made. But it is fun, and immersive almost in spite of itself. And for that I feel comfortable in recommending this movie to anyone looking to turn their brain off and watch a fun action movie, that also happens to be a comic book origin story.


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