Thursday, March 1, 2018

Adventures in Photography - Gearing up for a new adventure...

     Gearing up for Starfest Convention 2018. Which means a PROPER "Adventure in Photography" for the first time at a convention. So that puts me here in front of you nerds asking the question: What kind of shots should I get while at Starfest? What kinds of nerdy things do you want to see from this nerdy convention?

     I want to explain my motivation behind starting the Adventures In Photography series.

     I love taking pictures. I also have a YouTube channel. The merger of the two was inevitable. But how? I am not exactly a professional photographer yet, though I am on the path to be. I am also working on growing my audience. Working through all of these things the conclusion came pretty quick.

     Ask my small audience, and those with adjoining interests, for the kinds of pictures they want to see. Then when those pictures show up on my pages, it is instant gratification right?

     Here's to hoping!

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