Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Supplemental Week In Nerdom 3-5

This week, elsewhere in the Nerdom.

First we MUST address this ridiculousness in the White House with the "violent video game epidemic." Blaming video games for our problems as a culture is mislabeling the problem as something it truly isn't.

We also need to have a conversation about Black Panther...
It was a good movie. One of the best Marvel, or even superhero, movies ever... but it was NOT diverse. But that's a good thing. For a movie to take place primarily in an African nation, it SHOULD NOT be diverse. That wouldn't make sense.

ALSO... one thing I didn't hit on in the episode is Wakanda. It SHOULD go without saying, but I just said it. That's not the piece that needs to be talked about. The piece that needs to be talked about is border control. People who lean towards the left are very much, in the real world, against strong regulation on boarders. Apparently though, when it comes to pretend nations, we must CHAMPION such things. Wakanda is such a powerful nation because it has cut its self off from the rest of the world. Where is the logic in that?

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