Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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The Fifine K052 Microphone is ideal for a beginner or an intermediate streamer or YouTuber. The frequency response is impressive for the size of the diaphragm. The gain is potentially overly sensitive, though the built-in preamp is really good. So the overly sensitive gain won't create undue noise, so long as you don't let it clip the signal.

Fifine K052 Desktop Microphone $25!:

The only issues I really had with the mic is  that there is only one way to connect the mic. limiting it's use. The inclusion of a 1/8" (3.5mm) auxiliary would have greatly improved the versatility of the microphone, and potentially eased the gain issue. The transfer of noise when pressing the mute button could be done away with as well.

Overall this is really a great little microphone, and for the price there is no beating it. Honestly for twice the price you can't beat the performance of this Fifine Microphone. It isn't until you get into the $300-$400 range in microphones before you can find a microphone that will out do this little guy.

General Score 82/100
Usability 95/100
Frequency response 88/100

Total: 265/300
Average: 88.3

Fifine K052 Desktop Microphone $25!:

Behringer 4 channel audio interface $135:

Audio Technica usb/XLR mic $67:

Shure SM7B microphone $400:

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