Thursday, February 7, 2019

Movies Week In Nerdom 2-4 - NEWS: Batman, Mortal Kombat, REVIEWS: Velvet...



Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Saban has picked up the distribution rights.

Morbius The Living Vampire
Release date announced; July 31 2020

Release date announced by Jason Reitman, July 10 2020

Dr Strange 2
C Robert Cargill, who wrote the script for the first movie, has been brought back on to write the second movie.

Affleck is officially out as the Caped Crusader, instead they are going for a younger actor. They are also saying that the release date will be June, 25th 2021. Affleck’s Twitter account shows that the star is sending good thoughts in the direction of Matt Reeves.

Batman Beyond
Geeks World Wide says that WB is looking to capitalize on Sony’s success with Spider-verse and now have plans to bring an animated Batman Beyond movie to the big screen.

Mortal Kombat
WB is apparently in the casting phase of bringing Mortal Kombat into the animated realm. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it is happening being as WB owns Netherealm Studios. The real surprise is that it took this long to get this going. Perhaps James Wan stepping away was the shot in the arm they needed.
We have some of the reported cast:
Darin DePaul
Fred Tatasciore
Grey Griffin
Ike Amadi
Kevin Michael Richardson
Patrick Seitz
Robin Atkin Downes
Steve Blum
Jordan Rodrigues
Joel McHale
Jennifer Carpenter
it’s fair to assume that Steve Blum and Patrick Seitz will voice Sub-Zero and Scorpion, respectively, because they’ve done so in recent video games.

Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans
Apparently that trailer at the end of the home release of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies wasn’t just a DC troll. Khary Payton has told that the voice cast for the film has finished recording their parts. So perhaps we will get a surprise movie announcement some time soon?

Batman Superman Rumors
In spite of what we have previously reported, there are still rumors that Cavill and Affleck will retain their roles as Superman and Batman. The rumor for Batman insists that Matt Reeves is only recasting the role in his movie because it is set 20 years before the events of BVS and Justice League, and that Affleck actually has approximately 4 more movies on his contract. As for Superman, Youtuber DingusBringus ( claims to have a source close to DC who is claiming that Cavill just signed a new contract locking him into 4 more movies as well.

Hobbs and Shaw
New trailer came out (
Is Idris Elba a supervillain?


Groundhog Day

Review for Patrons!!

General Score: 95/100
Story: 98/100
Atmosphere: 92/100
Enjoyability: 98/100
T: 383/400

Moon Knight - fan film
First things first, if you are going to shoot a fan film, do it in 24fps. Second, if your fan film is going to be based on a comic book, probably should learn the lesson that the big studios had to learn the hard way and use the source material, instead of making up your own mythology. The main character in this movie is not Marc Spector. He is apparently a mental patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder. There was no reference to Spector’s military training, or anything. Just him raging. They do credit Konshu as himself, which is nice but this just felt shotty. -- much better fan film

General Score: 60/100
Mythology: 55/100
Story: 50/100
Enjoyability: 50/100
T: 215/400

Velvet Buzzsaw

Review for Patrons!!

General Score: 72/100
Story: 85/100
Writing: 70/100
Enjoyability: 70/100
T: 297/400

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