Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Halo Series Following in the steps of the Mandalorian? | Week In Nerdom



Corey Taylor
New Album title CMFT Must Die
Video out tomorrow...


Comic Con @ Home
Walking Dead - Season 10 final episode set to air Oct. 4
Fear TWD - Season 6 to premiere Oct. 11
Walking Dead: World Beyond - Series premiere AFTER the season 10 finale of TWD on Oct 9.

Star Trek: Discovery
Premiere Date announced: Thurs Oct. 15

Witcher: Blood Origin
Netflix has announced a prequel limited series to their Witcher series. Supposed to focus on the world before humans in the Witcher mythology, as well as the first witcher.

New trailer:

Umbrella Academy
Renewed for a third season.


Follow ups
Batman - Release the Schumacher cut has taken off.
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes - Pushed back to 2021
Snyder Cut - Snyder finishing the movie for no pay

Comic Con @ Home
Snyder Cut- Black suit supes 
Kevin Smith - Bleeped EXCESSIVELY in his panel…

Official release dates as follows: 
Aug. 26 for most markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, and the U.K.
September 7 in the US in select theaters.
Regal won’t show the movie because of the Labor Day release date.


Aug 06
Aug 25
Oct 08

Comic Books/Books

Comic Con @ Home
Invader Zim Panel - 

Rumor Mill

Cassian Andor
Grand Moff Tarkin will return in the Disney+ series. Guy Henry is reportedly returning to give Peter Cushing’s character life once again!

Reportedly has 9 projects in the works for Disney+ (Cassian, Bad Batch, Obi Wan, Mando, Rebels spinoff, ???)

Batman: Beyond
New Rumor about the villain for the rumored movie. “Original” Joker and adult Tim Drake like from the comic.

The Showtime series rumored to be violating a key element of the series. They are going to Show Master Chief’s face?

That Hailee Steinfeld stuff is STILL rumor. Granted from better sources now, but still rumor.

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