Thursday, July 2, 2020

There is no escaping the Batman Rumors! | Week In Nerdom



Jarred Dines
Youtuber Jarred Dines is working on a project with former KsE and current Light the Torch vocalist Howard Jones. They worked on 7 songs that Dines claims sound like early KsE. Seems to all be part of a massive shred album Dines has been working on for around 2 years.


The Witcher
Season 2 is going back into production August 17.

Enola Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate is suing Netflix, Legendary Pictures, Nancy Springer, and Random House publishing over the series. They say that the Sherlock character is too close to the last 10 movies in the series which are not part of the public domain.


Moved again. Now set to release Aug 21 instead of July 24.

Pirates of the Caribbean
New movie in the works being written by Christina Hodson, and starring Margot Robbie. This will be a standalone project from the reboot that is about to happen. 

Bill and Ted Face the Music
Pushed back to August 28.


Now has gaming as part of the curriculum? This War of Mine is the game, and it sounds like a unique RPG/side scroller. It is a wartime game, but instead of being a soldier the player is a civilian. Dealing heavily in Sociology, History, Philosophy, and ethics. 11 Bit Studios

Comic Books/Books

Rumor Mill

Star Wars Multiverse
Big rumor in the LucasFilm world. Jon Favreau and company are working on deleting the Disney sequel. It is being said that they are utilizing a concept that was introduced in the 13th episode of season 4 of Clone Wars, the Veil of the Force. Basically, there are alternate times and dimensions all connected through this veil, and that is how this will all come undone.

More rumors about Batman making an appearance. Now they are offering specifics. According to this rumor we will be seeing the Dark Knight “towards the end” of season 2, as he returns to find out what happened to his cousin.
ALSO, rumors of one Edward Nygma in season 2 as well...

Altered Carbon
Netflix is looking to do 5 seasons???

Superman & Lois
ANOTHER LEX? The show is reportedly casting Wole Parks as The Stranger. The rumor is that this character will actually be an alternate universe’s Lex Luthor. Making him the first race swapped version of the character on TV.

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