Saturday, July 11, 2020

Twitter Subscriptions? Gotham PD series, & All the Nerdy Things | Week I...



Linkin Park - In The End was actually their SECOND video to reach more than 1 billion plays.
Deftones, Gojira, Poppy - Rescheduled tour dates. August - September 2021

Brian May/Tony Iommi
2 of the greatest guitar wielders have done a collaboration. Now May is saying that this music will potentially see the light of day eventually. 


Cancelled after season 4

New actress officially announced for the lead role. Javicia Leslie’s only real acting credit is God Friended Me on CBS.


Man & Witch
Do you remember Tami Stronach? She was Moon Child (or the Child-like Empress) in the Neverending Story. She, Sean Astin, Rhea Perlman, Christopher Lloyd and Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop are all going to be starring in a new 80s style fantasy movie together. Set to go into production this fall. Written by Stronach's husband, Greg Steinbruner, will be directed by Rob Margolies.

Schumacher Cut
WB confirms the existence. Though, there have been no discussions to release it.

Comic-Con at home
Marvel, and the Movie branch of WB will not be in attendance. The schedule so far:

Halloween Kills/Ends
Movies pushed back. Kills now October 15 2021, and Ends now October 14 2022.

Malcolm & Marie
Zendaya, Euphoria director Sam Levinson, and John David Washington made a movie during Quarantine. The amount of precautions they took to do so was INTENSE!


The photo giant has finally announced their new flagship mirrorless digital cameras. The R5 and the R6. The R5 will be $3,900 and the R6 will be $2,800. Oh what a world we live in…

The social media site is working on some sort of subscription network, as revealed through job postings. It sounds like either paid accounts, so as to eliminate the ads in your feed, or some way to monetize the content you are already putting up there.

Tik Tok
Just like Huawei, the US is considering banning the Chinese financed social media company. For similar reasons. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told media outlets that it is “... something we are looking into.”

Donkey Kong Country
FINALLY coming to Switch online! July 16 is the magical date.

Halo 3
In other “retro” gaming news. Halo 3 is the next PC release for the Master Chief Collection. July 14th.

Apex Legends
Newest update adds mobile respawn locations, that can be held in your inventory.

Casual YT Stream garnered around 150,000 viewers. Now reportedly has YT, FB, and Twitch in a bidding war.

New patents filed by Sony seem to indicate they are at least working on their backward compatibility. 

Comic Books/Books

Ready Player 2
The sequel to one of the funnest books in recent memory has just received a release date. Nov 24.

Batman: The Adventures Continue
Azrael will find his way onto the pages in chapter 7 by Alan Brunett, Paul Dini, Ty Templeton, and Monica Kubira. Digital is available now, Print will be out in September.

Rumor Mill

Tron 3
The fact that something exists for this potential movie is not the rumor… that is confirmed. The Rumor is that Jared Leto will be the star of the third movie.

Pirates Reboot
Disney is reportedly waiting on the finalization of Depp’s courtroom drama before pulling the trigger on his casting in the upcoming reboot.

The Fly
New sequel in the works. Also eyeing Goldblum to return to the roll… somehow.

Labyrinth 2
Rumored to be giving Bowie another acting role via CGI. Peter Cushing came back to play Grand Moff Tarkin, so why not?

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