Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Star Wars: Bad Batch and Gotham PD, Need I Say More? | Week In Nerdom




Gotham PD - This is the new procedural being developed for HBO Max. From director Matt Reeves and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter. This series will serve to expand the Matt Reeves Batman universe, and supposedly the first of many projects Reeves will have his hand in. 

Grant Imahara has died of a reported brain aneurysm at 49.

Naya Rivera
Dead at 33 of apparent Drowning.

Star Wars: Bad Batch
Seeming to confirm SOME of the Star Wars rumors we have been talking about, Disney has announced that their next animated Star Wars series will be the spin off from Rebels, though the rumors say that the continuation series is further along in development. This series will focus on the unique group of clones deemed the “Bad Batch” as they try to find their new way in a post Clone Wars universe. Taking mercenary jobs and whatnot.

Currently no deal with Amazon or Roku, which is one of the reasons HBO Max was so widely panned at launch. Though it sounds like the streamer IS still working out the possibility of such deals, they just won’t happen at launch.

Renewed for season 3.


Kelly Preston
Died of breast cancer at 57.

The sequel novel to Bird Box is being made into a movie as well.

Monster Hunter
New release date, April 23 2021. Seven months later than before.


“Ubisoft Forward” happened Sunday.
Hyperscape is in beta now for PC gamers. 
Watchdogs Legion - 
FarCry 6 announced for Current and Next-Gen 

Comic Books/Books

Changing their upcoming books lineup. No details yet.

Rumor Mill

Disney+ is rumored to be adapting a live-action series for the X-men and New Mutants character. Supposedly going to be the connective tissue to the X-Men series rumored to be in development (Excalibur, Gambit, S.W.O.R.D, etc.) much like Loki, WandaVision, etc, are connected to the Avengers.

There is talk of having Thanos return to the MCU somehow. With speculation going so far as to say there will be some connection to the Eternals, because in the comics he is the son of an Eternal. But in the MCU her ISN’T the son of an Eternal…

Punisher War Journal
Disney rumored to be trying to bring Jon Berenthal back for NEW Punisher series. NOT on Disney+ though, instead possibly Hulu or FX. Also, potential for Charlie Cox to guest.

Arkham Asylum
The rumored next HBO Max series from Matt Reeves is going to be based on the infamous hospital. Also said to feature the Joker somehow.

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