Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Animaniacs AND X-Men TAS! Need I say MORE?!!? | Week In Nerdom



Genghis Tron
Working on a new record with Kurt Ballou for release in 2021.

The Refused
The band will be in Cyberpunk 2077 as the band Samurai.


Animaniacs - The new season on Hulu finally got a release date. Nov 20

Wizard World Digital
The Nanny and General Hospital panels… sign of the demise of Wizard World?

There have been conversations about a revival of sorts. Though whether or not it is a continuation or a new series has yet to be revealed. 

Stay Tuned
AMC is developing a series based on the Jon Ritter and Pam Dawber film from ‘92. Ian Goldberg and Richard Niang, Showrunner and Writer/Producer respectively from Walking Dead, are in charge of the series.


Tron 3
A director has been attached to the project. Gareth Edwards has been given the reins to take over the development of the movie that has long been in development hell. Still attached to potentially star is Jared Leto, who took to social media to confirm it.


Star Trek 4
It looks like Paramount is keeping the Kelvin timeline alive, to a certain degree. With Quentin dropping out of directing his version (though that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen), and Noah Hawley’s pitch being a little too close to home, it seems that the original time travel pitch for Star Trek 4 still has some likelihood.

The Janelle Monae horror movie is the most recent movie to skip a theatrical release. On VOD as of Sept 18 for $20. With international theatrical release on the same day.


XBox Game Pass Ultimate
The Android based app will officially begin beta testing on 08-11. Then the official rollout is 08-15 when more than 100 games will be available, include all of halo.

Twitter is now ALSO in the running to purchase the app.

Xbox Series X
The counterpart console is REAL. No longer dubbed “Lockhart” we now know through an apparent accidental sale, that the console is going to be called the Series S

Earthworm Jim
New Trailer… Exclusive to the Amico from Intellivision. 

Comic Books/Books

AT&T Restructures DC
AT&T has gone through another restructuring of WarnerMedia, and DC specifically. The list is too long (though pretty noteworthy is Executive Editor Mark Doyle who was part of the oversight on Black Label, as well as Jim Lee transitioning out of the CCO position.) Looks like they are trying to stear focus to the HBO Max app, and everything is falling to the wayside.

X-O Manowar
First issue back after quarantine shut-down, and only the second issue in the current run, will be on shelves November 25th.

Rumor Mill

Spider-Man 3
Rumored to be looking for a “Joel Kinnaman type” to play Kraven.

AMC is rumored to be giving Jeffrey Dean Morgan just what he wants. It will be a limited series all about Negan.

Spin-offs for EVERYONE! It is being said that there are 3 spin-offs in the works from the fan favorite series. Ahsoka, Boba, and Cara Dune?

Stranger Things
Ending with a movie after season 4?

Fantastic Beasts
Would WB conclude the story as a limited series? If the next movie (or 2) doesn’t do well, that is exactly what might happen.

Shia Labeouf rumored to be in the running to be the MCU’s Iceman.

The Mask
WB is also rumored to be making 2 more Mask movies. With Jim Carrey supposedly attached to return for both.

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