Saturday, August 15, 2020

Squashing Rumors and Talking DC Fandome | Week In Nerdom



Serj Tankian - Has set a rough date of “this fall” for the release of his solo “Elasticity” EP. With the first single apparently being the song “Rumi” which he just shot a video for. This is the collection of songs that he previously said he had intended for new SOAD material.
Mr Bungle - have titled the next EP that they have been teasing “The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo” and are set to release it on Oct. 30. It is a re-recording of Bungle’s actual demo from 1986, with a couple covers thrown in at the end.
Stairway to Heaven - The Randy Wolfe estate has filed a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court, to hopefully overturn the 2016 ruling in favor of Led Zepplin.

Biopic will NOT be as easy to digest as the Queen movie according to Sharon Osbourne.

Linkin Park
Announced a Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary collection. They have been teasing something for a while now, and this is it. It is HUGE. 5 CDs, 3 DVDs, and 3 LPs. $200 for the whole thing.

3 Doors Down
Actually just their vocalist Brad Arnold. He has written and recorded (with the help of his drummer) a solo single, called “Wicked Man.” 

Iranian metal band sentenced to 15 years in prison for being a heavy metal band have now escaped the country.

Released Pound for Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions on their bandcamp. The EP is 5 different versions of the song Wolverine Blues by Entombed. The proceeds are all going to the vocalist for Entombed and Entombed A.D. Lars Goran-Petrov after his cancer diagnosis.


DC Fandome - Will IN FACT be only available for one day. It sounds like most of the programming sections have somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours that will cycle for the whole day.
Witcher - Season 2 resumes filming.

Spongebob Squarepants
SPINOFF! The Patrick Star Show is headed to Nickelodeon. Will be all about Patrick hosting a late night style show in the Spongebob universe.

Star Wars: Holiday Special

Avatar: The Last Airbender
The original creators have left the project. In 2 separate statements both Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko said in no uncertain terms that they have not received the support from Netflix that is required to get the result that they both want with the show.


Fear Street - The R.L. Stine adaptation trilogy from Leigh Janiak, has found a home on Netflix. The movies will begin next summer 2021, and be released a month apart from each other.
The Flash - Ezra Miller has been used for promotion for the Fandome event.

Movie Theaters
AMC and Metrolux will be opening their doors again on August 20th. AMC will be celebrating with 15 cent movies. Since that was the price when they opened their first theater in 1920. Those prices are for old movies (Star Wars, Inception, etc.). Then after the first day back, they will continue to show classic movies for $5.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon
Not only is the next iteration of the animated DCU going to take place in the 70s, BUT it also has a voice cast. David Giuntoli as Batman, Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva, and Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon… Yeah, the guy from Grimm is going to voicing Batman. Could be great actually.

Twilight of the Mallrats
Sounds like things are shaping up for Kevin Smith’s next sequel in the View Askewniverse, as Ben Affleck has reportedly voiced interest in reprising his role as the now felony convicted Shannon Hamilton.


Halo: Infinite - Delayed till 2021.

iOS is just really sticking in everyone’s side these days. Epic Games, the parent company for Fortnite, added a direct pay option (and a 20% discount actually) for v-bucks. This apparently is also a violation of the Google Play store’s policies. 

The image manipulation giant is now working to add the ability to Photoshop to track fakes.

Comic Books/Books

Comic Con - NYCC, SLCC, and StarFest Denver are all postponed until next year.

Dark Night’s Death Metal
Lobo is getting a one-off story. Called Infinite hour Exxxtreme. will feature the writing talents of Frank Tieri, Becky Cloonan and others, with art by Dale Eaglesham and others. The main cover features art from Venom's Kyle Hotz and a 1:25 card stock variant cover by Rafael Gramp√° 

Rumor Mill

Green Lantern
Casting Rumors abound! Michael Kenneth Williams as Sinestro. James Marsden and Linda Cardellini who will play Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, respectively. Jovan Adepo will play Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Injustice 3
Rumor has it that the Bosslogic image from his twitter is a stealth reveal of the game, AND the involvement of the Watchmen in the series. With Ed Boon making an appearance at Fandome, fans think this is real. It isn’t. We are still at least a year away from this announcement.

Shia LaBeouf Iceman
More rumors coming out that this is true.

Michael Fassbender and Armie Hammer now added to the list of potential actors.

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