Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Disney Might Just Change Movies Forever | Week In Nerdom


Confirm they are working on a new record.


The Rock and his capital company, Redbird Capital Partners, have bought the XFL from Vince McMahon for $15 million.

Amazon has signed on for a second season of the Nazi hunting series.


Wilford Brimley
Passed at 85.

Follow-ups/ Corrections
Splinter Cell - Actually a RUMOR not confirmed to be real. Though this has been in development hell for at least 6 years.
Shang Chi and the Ten Rings - Production has resumed in Australia.

Beyond Good & Evil
Netflix announced that they are working on a live-action/animated hybrid movie based on the game. Set to direct is the man behind the camera for Detective Pikachu, Rob Letterman. Said to be based on the prequel game, and not the original.

Scream 5
Courtney Cox to return as Gale Weathers.


Twitter - Apparently the big hack was perpetrated by 3 teenagers. Two from Florida and one from the UK. Being charged with roughly 30 felonies each.

Microsoft has apparently worked out a deal to purchase the app (or maybe the parent company Bytedance) so that the app won’t get banned in the states.

Next Gen Consoles
Sony just announced that you will only be able to use your PS4 controller with your PS4 games. For PS5 games you will need the new controller. Microsoft took this as an opportunity to poke fun and point out that their XB One controllers will work with the Series X for all the games.

Comic Books/Books

Ghost Rider
The first official victim of the virus. Issue #7 that game out last month will be the last issue (for a while at least.) What might this mean for the movies?

Batman: The Adventures Continue
Chapter 9 gives us the TAS version of how Jason Todd became the second robin. There are some interesting parallels to ANOTHER character in the Batman universe…

Rumor Mill

With the virus on the loose, Disney is apparently looking to tech to make things happen. They will reportedly be testing the technology on a new ride in a Guardians of the Galaxy ride called “Cosmic Rewind”, then rolling it out officially in a Young Indy movie with the potential to use it in future movies about a young Luke Skywalker voiced by Mark Hamill.

The Suicide Squad
James Gunn has shot down rumors that Alice Braga will be playing Ivy in his adaptation of the property.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
A NEW trademark filed by Nintendo in Europe and Australia is leading to speculation that next year’s 35th anniversary will be bigger than just an announcement of Breath of the Wild 2.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Hulu series is now rumored to be getting a second season, before we see anything from season 1.

Walking Dead
Steven Yeun returning as Glenn for his own spin-off prequel series?

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