Saturday, August 22, 2020

FINAL Fandome Update... Or is it? Also FLASHPOINT RUMOR CONFIRMED! | Wee...


Tom Petty
Wildflowers & All the Rest is a project that has been going since before the musician’s death will finally be released Oct 16 on Warner Records.


Fandome - NOW 2 DAYS! Well kinda. It is no longer ONLY happening on the 22nd (Hall of Heroes). Now there are also Fandome events scheduled for Sept. 12 (Explore the Multiverse). Aug. 22 will be the main event, and the smaller stuff will take place on the September date. Though not entirely. ALSO, seems that everything on Aug 22 will fit inside of 8 hours.

Stranger Things
Duffer Bros confirm that season 4 is not the end. They told THR that they have plans for the series beyond. BUT they didn’t say that there was going to be more SEASONS, just that there will be SOMETHING beyond season 4.



The Batman - To resume filming next month at WB Studios in the UK
Pinocchio - Del Toro’s stop motion version (which is the version Ewan McGregor signed on to voice Jiminy Cricket) has just signed Cate Blanchette and Finn Wolfhard to undisclosed roles. 

RUMOR CONFIRMED! Affleck IS actually returning for the movie. Andy Muschietti confirmed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Kraven the Hunter
JC Chandor is in talks to direct the movie. Chandor has directed “A Most Violent Year” and “Triple Frontier.”

Olivia Wilde
Brought on by Sony to direct an undisclosed movie in their Spider-less universe.



WB Montreal Batman Game
Looks like the official announcement MIGHT come the day before Fandome. The official WB Montreal Twitter page keeps teasing apparent Batman themed images, with the most recent saying to come back tomorrow for the “final piece of the puzzle.”

Comic Books/Books

Alien - Marvel releasing an Omnibus featuring Aliens (1988) 1-6, Aliens (1989) 1-4, Aliens: Earth War (1990) 1-4, Aliens: Genocide (1991) 1-4, Aliens: Hive (1992) 1-4, Aliens: Tribes (1992) 1, Aliens: Newt's Tale (1992) 1-2, Alien 3 (1992) 1-3 and Aliens: Space Marines (1992) 1-12—plus material from Dark Horse Presents (1986) 24, 42-43, 56; Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special (1991) 1; and Dark Horse Insider (1989) 14-27. Out later this year.

90s throwback slasher film is getting a comic book series. A limited run of 3 issues with art from Steve McGinnis. No idea who is publishing (the movie studio maybe?) or who is writing (the movie writers perhaps?), but we will update I’m sure.

Star Trek: Voyager
New Seven of Nine series from IDW. It will be a four issue series sub-titled “Seven’s Reckoning.” written by Dave Baker with illustrations by Angel Hernandez and colors by Ronda Pattison.  Coming in November.

Rumor Mill

Val Kilmer is now ALSO rumored to be making a cameo in the movie… This based on his cooperation in the Fandome event somehow.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
A new leak seems to imply that America Chavez will be featured fairly heavily in the movie.

Star Trek
More rumors of unrest behind the scenes. Now it is being said that Paramount Production Chief Emma Watts is looking to take the reins from Alex Kurtzman. As the casualties of this supposed war we are reportedly losing Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, Short Treks, and Discovery won’t be seeing a season 4.

Prince of Persia
Guatemalan retailer MAX has apparently leaked the release date (and existence) for a remake of the popular game.

Adam Sandler being rumored for a turn at the Penguin in a multiversal Batman movie. 

Taika Waititi Star Wars
Rumor has it that the Thor director wants to put Ryan Reynolds in a “key role” in his upcoming movie from a galaxy far far away. IF Reynolds can fit it into his CRAZY schedule.

Said to be heavily considering an “R” rated section for the movies that still have no home from Fox and Touchstone.

First ACTUAL rumor for Mileena.

Olivia Wilde
That movie is rumored to be Spider-Woman

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