Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dark Phoenix | Spoiler Review

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I had HIGH hopes for this movie... . ALL of them squashed. The squashing had nothing to do with the involvement of "strong female characters," or any other superficial nonsense. In fact my hopes were that this movie WOULD have a ridiculously strong female lead, and that the story would be incredibly deep and dense. If you will remember (those that watch the #YouTube channel) when this movie was announced I was super excited because they were going to cut it up into 2 movies, implying that there WAS going to be a healthy dose of depth... then they cut it back to just one movie... then Disney bought Fox, and all hope for this movie was shot. Not that I dislike Disney, but when the studio backing the movie is losing interest in their own property, it does not bode very well for the movie. . And it really feels like that is what happened here. . Simon Kinberg has shown to be a competant director in the past. So, he not only forgot how to direct but in so doing forced most of his cast to forget how to act. With the incredible ammount of talent in this movie there should be more charisma on screen than poor direction and writing can destroy. Unfortunately that is not the case. The only consistant actor on the screen in this movie is Michael Fassbender. Everyone else just falls to pieces... . And I'm rambling, more in the video. . #moviereview #comicbookmovies #MCU #Fox #GenerallyNerdy #darkphoenix #
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