Friday, June 14, 2019

Week In Nerdom 6-14 - DragonForce Goes Platinum, Daria Spin-off, The Bat...



He is Legend
Boogiewoman video

Dragon Force
Through Fire and Flames certified Platinum! on May 23 for accumulating 1 million certified units. According to the RIAA, one equivalent song unit is equal to a single digital song sale, or 150 on-demand audio and/or video streams.

Till Lindemann accused of assault after a show in Munich.


MTV is doing a spin-off from Daria, called Jodie. Tracee Ellis Ross will voice the titular character. Daria ended in 2002.

Epix new Pre-Batman show just dropped their first trailer.

Fast and Furious
Animated series going to Netflix. Spy Racers


A Quiet Place 2
Bryan Tyree Henry told indiewire that “we will be getting some answers” in the movie in reference to the mysterious monsters.

The Batman
Macaulay Culkin has recently denied rumors about him playing the joker… he was rumored to play joker?


Cyberpunk 2077
The game can be done without killing anyone… that’s freakin awesome!

Comic Books

Silver Surfer: Black
Marvel just released a trailer for the new series.

Major X
The character keeps getting more and more interesting. His mom is Storm and his Dad is Cable? According to issue 5 thats the case!

Tom King is putting the Phantasm in his Bat/Cat series? Will it still be Anrea Beaumont?

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