Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Week In Nerdom 6-25 - Harry Potter GO!, Adult Swim Festival, NEW MUSIC a...



Woodstock 50
The festival that should be a celebration of 50 years of good music, just can’t catch a break. With the rumors of mismanagement and infighting, now they have suffered their second venue setback. Originally supposed to have been located close to the original Woodstock site, they could never get the proper permits. Then at the beginning of this month their second choice venue (which was half the size of the original 150,000 capacity) pulled out. The Poughkeepsie Journal has confirmed now that the organizers are securing and even SMALLER (45,000 - 50,000)venue in Oneida County.

Adult Swim Festival
Dethklok will be performing for the first time in 5 years, at the adult swim festival in LA November 15th and 16th. Being joined by the likes of Lil Nas X, Young Thug, and Jamie XX, along with special screenings of adult swim content, and stand-up comedy.

Killswitch Engage
Atonement is the name of the new album. It will be available August 16 via Metal Blade Records. First single is “Unleashed.” WOW!

Queens of the Stone Age
Next album is set to feature Dave Grohl (go figure) as well as Billy Gibbons!

Mark Morton has announced that they have begun working on their next album!!

Dead South
New album, Sugar & Joy October 11.


The Stand
James Marsden and Amber Heard are in deep negotiations to star in the CBS All Access Mini-Series. Marsden will potentially be Stu Redman, and Heard will be Nadine Cross. ALSO Whoopi Goldberg is in talks to play Mother Abagail.

Star Trek on Nickelodeon
Deadline spoke with Alex Kurtzman, EP on all things Star Trek, who said the production on the still untitled Nickelodeon show is progressing nicely. Says the animation is on par with anything you saw in Love, Death, and Robots as far as the cinematography goes, but will still be very much for kids.

Harley Quinn
The animated series will premiere content at San Diego Comic Con this year. DC has a slew of pilots premiering alongside it, Pennyworth, Batwoman, and Prodigal Son. DC was vague about WHAT the Harley premiere will be, though if they are doing all those pilots, what’s one more? I just want to see how Tudyk and Bader play off one another.

Walking Dead
Gold Derby, an Emmys prediction and analysis site, is predicting Samantha Morton could bring the FX show their first acting nod for her portrayal of Alpha.


Silver & Black
Amy Pascal said in a recent interview (not the one where she told us that Tom Hardy was returning) that there is still a plan in the works for a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie… or 2?

Swamp Thing
Now that the show has been cancelled, WB is reportedly considering a movie in the vein of horror, We Got This Covered is saying. Is this due to the fan response?

The Trench
What once was dismissed as pure rumor is now being hyped by James Wan. Wan told ComicBook.com that it will be very much a horror movie, though still definitely in the Aquaman world.

28 Days Later 3
Danny Boyle, Producer and sometimes director of the first 2 movies, told The Independent that he and production partner, Alex Garland, have a working idea for the third installment of the blood zombie franchise. Though with both of them entrenched in other projects who knows if it will actually get made,


Harry Potter Wizards Unite
With 400,000 downloads in its first day, the game moved enough to become #1 in both app stores, but not more than its predecessor Pokemon Go. Is Harry Potter not as big of a draw as Pokemon?

Take Two Shortening Games
Take Two CEO Straus Zelnick told Games Industry that new games from Take Two and its subsidiaries will likely be smaller upon initial release. Meaning the next GTA game will likely be a smaller offering with what is on the disc, and then will be expanded upon through DLC, effectively extending the life of the game, but also increasing the price of the full experience. The CEO didn’t commit 100% to the statement, but later said that he wanted to see smaller windows between game releases, and what better way to do it than to make the games smaller? What does this mean going forward?

Gears 5
FREE DLC!! All DLC maps that will be released for the game will be free, as a means of keeping the fanbase together. Also, no loot boxes! So we should expect some microtransactions up the wazoo. But what will be for sale?

Mortal Kombat 11 is the best selling game of 2019 so far. Passing Kingdom Hearts 3 last week.

Comic Books

Dark Crystal
With the Netflix series not too far away, Boom Studios is releasing a prequel to the new prequel series. The series will go even further back in time, before the rebellion that the Netflix series is going to feature, and show us what the world was like before the crystal broke to pieces.

Marvel Ultimate Universe
Sladan Ahmed, Miles Morales writer, told Newsarama that this summer will see the return of the Ultimate Universe to the pages of  the Miles Morales comic book. Starting with issue #10 in September.

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