Saturday, April 4, 2020

Eternals Villian leaks? and more news... | Week In Nerdom



Adam Schlesinger
Fountains of Wayne singer/songwriter dies of coronavirus complications. He was 52.

Bill Withers
Passed away Monday from heart complications. He was 81.

Umbra Vitae
New metal project from Jacob Bannon featuring members of The Red Chord and Job For a Cowboy.


Law and Order
Christopher Meloni returning to the franchise in a new series based on his character, Elliot Stabler.

Boris Mojsovski, Director/Cinematographer on the series, has revealed that Batgirl will find her way into season 3.

Rick and Morty
Season 4 May 3.

Obi Wan
New Writer in Joby Harold, who has worked on some pretty action packed stuff in the recent past. Edge of Tomorrow, John Wick 3, Army of the Dead. This is his first TV/Streaming writing job.


Monster Hunter
The movie has in fact finished filming.

A Quiet Place 2
Now set to release Sept 4.


Mixer is giving all partnered streamers a $100 bonus in light of the coronavirus epidemic.

Apex Legends
King’s Canyon map and Duos mode will be coming to the game as permanent fixtures as of April 7.

Pete Hines, VP of Marketing, made the announcement that there is no plan for a June digital showcase.

Comic Books/Books

Rumor Mill

Jamie Lee Curtis has reportedly been seen multiple times on or around the set for the Mandalorian. Though Halloween is shooting not too far away, so it could all be for naught.

Funko has released the list of pop figures associated with the movie, and Arishem the Judge is on the list. Will THIS be the big bad for the movie?

Disney+ looks to be adding SOMETHING to the X-Men TAS library. It might just be new artwork… but why would they stop there?

Season 2 might be bringing Michael Dorn back. Similar to the scuttle butt about Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) and LaVarr Burton.

Walking Dead
Michonne series in the works?

Hobbs and Shaw 2
Idris Elba to return?

WB reportedly looking at bringing the new Joker girlfriend to the DCEU? Kristen Bell being eyed as a possibility.

Super Mario
Nintendo taking the 35th birthday thing seriously, apparently going to be announcing ANOTHER movie. This time live action, with Brie Larson reportedly on the short list for Princess Peach.

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