Wednesday, April 22, 2020

WB Schedule, GIANT MCU Leak, Flash Update & MORE! | Week In Nerdom


Lamb of God
New record pushed back from May 8th to June 


Star Trek: Picard
Lavarr Burton has removed all doubt about Geordi LaForge’s return in season 2


WB Schedule
The Batman Oct.1 2021
Shazam!2 Nov.4 2022
The Flash June 3 2022 (up from July3???)
The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos prequel movie) March 21 2022
Tenet remains untouched July 17th
Wonder Woman Aug. 14 2020
The Suicide Squad Aug. 6 2021
Black Adam Dec 22 2021 (might change)
King Richard Nov 19 2021
Matrix 4 May 21 2021
Aquaman 2 Dec 16 2022

The Flash
Yup its still on. Producer Barbara Muchietti confirmed on Twitter. But no word on whether or not Ezra Miller will be starring.


Streets of Rage 4
Release date announced as April 30th.

Comic Books/Books

DC will be shipping books without Diamond, starting April 28th. They will be utilizing Midtown Comics and Discount Comic Book Service.

Batman #92
DC also announced that Batman will be moved back to June.

Rumor Mill

Black Panther
More rumors about the demise of Chadwick Boseman. Saying that the MCU Namor will be black, with his kingdom being made up of half Atlanteans and half Sub-Saharans. With some convoluted backstory about how they mixed. Then Shuri would be taking up the mantle of Black Panther. Or maybe T’challa will stay and just Boseman will be replaced more immediately a la Terrence Howard.

Fantastic 4
The F4 movie will not be an origin story. Sue Storm will have a baby with Namor, named Franklin. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt won’t be playing Reed and Sue, instead Feige is looking for younger actors…

THEN the X-Men movie will tie into all this mess by being based around a Civil War style feud between a young (and regendered) version of Xavier and Magneto, who are also fighting over which side Franklin will join. They will have a very small number of allies to start things off too.

THEN THEN For the Avengers movie The F4 and Professor X will team up with the Avengers who are still under contract to defeat Magneto, an unknown big bad, and Namor in the peripheral. There will be an Infinity Gem revival that is somehow related to Franklin.

The word that the rights have reverted back early is still just a rumor. But a fun one to consider the ramifications for.

Marvel has reportedly got the rights back to the Hulk. And as such, there are further rumors that the Hulk V Wolverine movie is well into pre-production (or as much as could be expected.)

Sinister Six
Rumored to be in development… Dane DeHaan was talking about it on a late night show?

Henry Cavill has reportedly been talking with WB about his return as the blue boyscout, and is now reportedly willing to take a paycut just to stay in the tights.

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