Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sony Forces Marvel's Hand &MORE! | Week In Nerdom



Daft Punk
Scoring another movie. This time they are working with Dario Argento on his next horror movie Black Glasses.

Check out their YouTube channel. They have been doing live sets from their rehearsal space.

Corey Taylor
Auctioning off some of his guitar collection to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.
gold metallic Gibson Memphis Dave Grohl DG-335 (#237 of only 400 in perfect condition), a Gold Top Gibson Classic Les Paul, a tan Fender Acoustic, a pearl blue Gibson Dave Grohl Signature #87 out of only 200, a black SDGR Bass

Born of Osiris
Finished with their new record and turned it into their record label (Sumerian Records) for release. No date just yet.

Linkin Park
According to bassist Dave Farrell the band is writing new music while on lockdown. 

Wes Borland is a busy man. Just released The Feathered Serpent, the first of 28 albums he and his brother plan on releasing under the Goatslayer name.


HBO Max is getting a Hellraiser series. Directed by David Gordon Green (Halloween), AND not a reboot. This will exist as part of the existing Hellraiser universe. Though it somehow will also NOT have anything to do with the new movie that is in development.

The Orville
Season 3 will only have 2 directors for the whole season. This is relatively speculative, because it hasn’t been announced from the official Orville camp. But it DOES come from an interview Jonathan Frakes did with He said they didn’t ask him back because Seth McFarlane and John Cassar (producer/director) will be directing all the episodes.

Peri Gilpin, who played Roz in the show, said that the reunion event is still in the works.

Producer Neal H. Moritz is turning the $2 Billion franchise into another TV series for sony. What kind of series? TBD


Matrix 4
No Cypher in the movie. Joe Pantoliano said he “lobbied” Lana Watchowski, and received no response.

Silver Sable/Black Cat
Not happening, according to writer Gina Prince-Bythewood. She says that it might have pivoted into a series instead. 

Disney/MCU update
Spider-Man 3 Nov 5  2021
Doctor Strange 2 March 25 2022 (Now the end of Phase 4)
Thor 4 Feb 11 2022
Spider-verse 2 Oct. 7 2022

Not to be outdone by Amazon’s teaming up with SXSW, the Google subsidiary is teaming with 20 other film festivals to bring a digital film festival to the world for free and sans ads. We Are One: Global Film Festival will be 10 days long, starting on May 29 on its own YT channel.


Halo: Infinite
Not just an Xbox Series X launch title. Also coming to PC and Xbox One!!

Comic Books/Books

The Last Ronin
Eastman and Laird are returning to the Turtles for their version of an “Old Man” type story.

Diamond Distribution
Planning on sending books out again by the end of May.

Tank Girl
Coming back to comic book shelves sometime this year on Albatross Funnybooks label.

Rumor Mill

Guardian Devil
Kevin Smith’s EPIC book might be getting a sequel? Joe Quesada is teasing that it might be true on his socials, as well as specifically on his YouTube channel.

Bright 2
Netflix is reportedly looking to cast Angelina Jolie as the villain for the sequel to 2017’s most panned movie.

Guardians Vol. 3
James Gunn is reportedly looking to bring in Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the Ravagers alongside Sylvester Stallone.

The Batman
Rumored that the flashpoint will bring back Black Mask (Ewan Macgregor’s version) and he will play a part in the sequels to Matt Reeves film.

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