Saturday, April 25, 2020

One Punch Man Live Action, Walking Dead Rumors &MORE! | Week In Nerdom

Rumor Mill

Batman Game
New insider information seems to be confirming the “Bat-Family” angle as well as the Court of Owls villain. Still no release date though.

Getting the trilogy treatment. Though 2 and 3 won’t be based on Return of Jafar or King of Thieves, necessarily.

Secret Wars
The Russo Brothers told that they meet with Marvel once a month, looking for the next big Marvel movie for them. This is leading the internet to speculate that they are looking to setup the path toward an MCU version of Secret Wars.

Not only is this rumored to be added to Disney’s live action adaptation list, but there is also a rumor that they are looking to bring Idris Elba in as Hades, if they can’t get Benedict Cumberbatch.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Also rumored to be on the list. This time they are reportedly looking at Tom Holland for Milo Thatch.

The Batman
Rumors have it that the breakdown of the villains for the movie are going to be as follows: Penguin will be running for mayor, so he enlists Riddler to help him eliminate the competition.

The Walking Dead
Solo spinoff short series in the works for Maggie, Michonne, and a movie for Daryl.

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