Saturday, April 11, 2020

John Cena X-O Manowar, Batman/Batgirl not connected? &MORE | Week In Nerdom


Eat the Day
Demos released!

The Sword
To release Conquest of Kingdoms and Chronology 2006-2018, a collection of 52 rare, live, and unreleased songs. Both on June 5th.


Doogie Houser M.D.
Reboot at Disney+ happening. Will focus on a half asian female lead. New name, “Doogie Kealoha, M.D.”


Guardians Vol 3
James Gunn said during a quarantine watch party something that seems to confirm at least one or 2 rumors about the movie. Rocket’s origin will factor heavily into the story of the third movie.


PS5 Controller
The new DualSENSE controller has been revealed by Sony. Including haptic feedback on the L2 and R2 buttons. AND a proper headphone jack...

The Entertainment Software Association, will NOT be going digital as a substitute.
Microsoft on the other hand IS going digital, just no word as to when exactly.

Comic Books/Books

Fight Club 3
The trade releases this week, with an introduction written by Irvine Welsh, the author of Trainspotting.

Rumor Mill

X-O Manowar
John Cena is posting things that is getting the industry to speculate on his potential starring role in the Valiant Universe.

She Hulk
The series is rumored to be about multiple “Hulks.” There have been previous rumors about Amadeus Cho, but could we see MORE? Red Hulk’s General Ross is already in the MCU, played by William Hurt.

The Batman/Batgirl
New rumors (that contradict other rumors) are now floating around that The Batman is going to be similar to Joker in that it will be “its own thing.” Meaning Jim Gordon from one will not be the same in the other, and in fact the role of Jim Gordon is considered “open” as far as casting goes. Also, attached to this rumor is that The Batman will be set in present day, and not the past.

With the Ezra Miller video doing the rounds, it seems that WB is looking to use WW84 as their new reboot vehicle. We might not see the Flashpoint movie at all. And with this, Wonder Woman will be the new face of the DCEU, and not Superman.

War Machine
Now rumored to be headed to Disney+. Not just that but according to this rumor this is how we will be introduced to Riri Williams, and potentially Ironheart.

New Mutants
Rumored to be going direct to streaming again… This time might have legs, what with corona and it being missing from the list we talked about last episode.

More rumors, claiming that the protagonist from 7, Ethan Winters, will be the main protagonist for 8 as well. AND Chris Redfield is also making a return to the series in some way.

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