Friday, June 26, 2020

BATMAN and DEADPOOL Dominate the Rumor Mill | Week In Nerdom



Marilyn Manson
His 2015 track being featured on the Dark Knight’s Death Metal album. The song is “Worship My Wreck” from Pale Emperor.

Thomas Haake
Meshuggah’s drummer and his girlfriend are working on a new record together. His girlfriend? Jessica Pimentel, actress in Orange is the New Black, and vocalist for Alekhine’s Gun.


Stranger Things
Season 4 is quasi confirmed to be 9 episodes long.

Transformers War For Cybertron: Siege
New trailer and release date! (first in the trilogy of series)
July 30th pn Netflix

Cobra Kai
Found it’s new home on Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 will be available sometime this year, and a third is in development.

FX on Hulu
Getting 2 exclusives:
Y: the Last Man
American Horror Stories


Ian Holm
A man with a surprisingly long list of nerd cred. Passed at the age of 88. He had been batling prostate cancer and Parkinson's disease. Bilbo Baggins, Father Cornelius, Sir William Gull, Pascal, Frankenstein’s Father, Ash, Napoleon (Time Bandits), Mr Kurtzman (Brazil)

Joel Schumacher
Passed at 80.

Star Wars
The 2022 nameless Star Wars movie on Disney’s release schedule has been removed. Is this just a push back, or a down right cancel?

Halloween Tree
The Ray Bradbury novel is being adapted by Will Dunn for WB.

Aya and the Witch
Studio Ghibli is going 3D. Well Goro Miyazaki is for his third movie. 

We got the hint of Michael Keaton in the CW Crisis event. Now there are legit reports that he is in talks to actually play Bruce Wayne one more time for Flashpoint.


Now officially 100%(ish) proprietary, as they are telling Intel “buh-bye.” All processors will now be made in house.

Robot Dolphin
The future is HERE! Robotic dolphin developed by a company that has worked with SeaWorld and Disney, is officially going to a Chinese aquarium.

Marvel’s Avengers
One of the first announced PS5 free upgrades.

Microsoft is shuttering the streaming platform, and signing the remnants over to Facebook Gaming. July 22 is the final day for the platform… what happens to us?

Speaking of FB… they have recently purchased Ready at Dawn Games, the developer responsible for the God of War: Origins game, and Lone Echo. They are apparently a VR developer that develops for the Oculus.

Comic Books/Books

Bill and Ted are DOOMED
A sequel/prequel comic is coming to a shop near you. Written by Evan Dorkin and Ed Solomon, one of the movie's writers, for Dark Horse Comics. The story will be a 4 book arc, and will serve as a link from the second movie to the third. Sept 9

Florida Man
Mike Baron has a new IndiGogo for his new book, and it looks pretty hilarious.
“Florida Man tells the story of Gary Duba’s bad day. He’s got a snake in his toilet, a rabid raccoon in his yard, and his girl Krystal is in jail for getting naked and licking the manager of a Waffle Castle. 
In order to get his girl out of jail, Duba turns to his best friend Floyd as the two set out to sell Duba’s Barry Bonds’ rookie card in order to pay for Krystal’s bail. And if you couldn’t guess it, things are bound to go wrong.”

Rumor Mill

Feige Star Wars
Chris Hemsworth is the most recent MCU star to be rumored to be connected to Feige’s Star Wars movie.

Rian Johnson Star Wars
Rumored to be STILL in the works. Johnson himself assured us all along, but there have been multiple rumors to the contrary, now there are rumors to backup Johnson. Claiming that the trilogy is still in the early stages of development, and will not come out for some time, but it WILL in fact see the light of day.

The next time we will see the Merc With the Mouth is in Spider-Man 5 and 6…
As for the actual Deadpool 3 movie, there is another rumor surfacing that Feige is looking to employ Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to pen the script.
Perhaps to keep Ryan Reynolds on the hook, Disney is ALSO rumored to be planning 3 MORE Deadpool movies.

Rumors are now going beyond the introduction of the organization, and their subsequent leader Abigail Brand, and they are now talking about the heroes that S.W.O.R.D will be partnering with. The first on the list is Spider-Man, if the rumors are true.

Alpha Flight
Rumors based on rumors. Now there is a rumor that the Hulk VS Wolverine movie will debut Alpha Flight. Then the team will get their own series on Disney+

Dr Doom
Rumor has it that Lucia von Bardas, who succeeded Victor as head of State in Latveria in the comics, will be introduced before Doom in the MCU. Possibly in a switching of roles from the comics, with Doom taking power after von Bardas.

There are multiple rumors about MCU actors going over to the DCEU and vice versa.
The Rock getting an ORIGINAL character in the MCU.
WB courting Brie Larson with options for “many roles,” Lady Blackhawk, Zatanna, Hawkwoman and Big Barda
Tom Holland being eyed to play Tim Drake

The Thomas Wayne Batman is rumored to be a lock for the movie. Now, there are also rumors saying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in early negotiations to play the role.
And OTHER rumors saying it is going to Michael Keaton…
AND THEN OTHER rumors have Keaton possibly returning in MULTIPLE Batman movies in some sort of mentor-type role, with Batgirl being on the table. Batman: Beyond anyone?

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