Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thank God For Rumors! | Week In Nerdom




Caroline Dries doubles down on decision to bring in new Character Ryan Wilder. Says Berlanti was part of the decision to go with a new character.


June 12 is the day that the state will be allowing TV and movie production to resume. Also, theaters are looking at the same day.

Evil Dead Now
New movie. Not connected to ANY previous iteration.


Comic Books/Books

DC is officially cutting ties with the biggest comic book distributor in the world. Which honestly is a good thing. But it won’t be utilized as such it seems.

Marvel to release their books in July.

Rumor Mill

Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and WandaVision are all expected to go back into active production in July, according to rumors.

Rey Movie
Disney giving Daisy Ridley her own movie in the Star Wars universe?

Black Cauldron
The next in the long line of upcoming live action remakes? The original was released in 86 but was not given home video release in 98.

Godzilla VS Kong
King Ghidorah to return? Apparently also, Mecha King Ghidorah AND Mecha-Godzilla.

The Batman
Sequel might see Bane as the main antagonist. This rumor claims that the previous rumor WON’T be happening, and was in fact shot down immediately, because they are holding the character for future sequels to The Batman. Also, apparently there is going to be a NEW joker in the first movie.

The Flash
Joe Manganiello is rumored to be returning as Deathstroke in the movie.

343 Industries reportedly is hiring for devs to create in the Halo universe. Could they be throwing their hat in the Battle Royal ring after all?

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