Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Updates on Release dates, and OTHER NEWS! | Week In Nerdom


New Music? Christoph Schneider told Rodeo Radio podcast on the 13th.


HBO and their 3 streaming services are cleaning up the name game.
HBO Go is being phased out entirely, HBO Now is changing to just “HBO”, so HBO Max is the only deviation on the name.


Bride of Frankenstein
The Dark Universe isn’t dead! Director David Koepp told Collider that his time in quarantine was spent adapting his idea from the shared universe into something “we all really like.”

Children of the Corn
Kurt Wimmer’s remake of the movie (which he claims has little to nothing to do with King’s original story) has finished lowkey filming.

New Release Dates
Tenet - July 31 (Interstellar re release on the 17th)
WW84 - Oct 2
Godzilla VS Kong - May 21 2021
Matrix4 - April 1 2022
Bill and Ted 3 - Aug 14 (Wonder Woman’s previous weekend)

Star Wars Celebration
Cancelled. Rescheduled for Aug 18-22 2022.

Theater Re-openings
Cineworld has a schedule:
the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be first to open on June 26; followed by Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania on July 3; and Israel on July 9; and finally the U.S. and U.K. on July 10.


Star Wars: Squadrons
NEW STAR WARS GAME! Rebels or Empire. Focusing on multiplayer.

Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater
The remaster is coming out Sept 3 on current gen, for $40.

Comic Books/Books

Iron Man
Marvel has redesigned the character, a bit of a soft reboot. Writer Christopher Cantwell and artist CAFU look like they are grounding the character back to his roots with less focus on the international celebrity aspect from recent arcs. Is this Feige road testing the “recasting” angle?

Rumor Mill

WB Gaming
WB is now being rumored to be selling off their gaming division. Rumored to be interested in the purchase are Take Two Interactive, EA, and Activision Blizzard.

Not the Nintendo game, the brother of Thanos. Rumored to still be on the table for the MCU going forward. Cut from the Eternals movie script, but that is to make a bigger spot for him in the future according to the rumor.

Speaking of… New rumor says that Thane, will not only be in the MCU soon, but his purpose will be to resurrect his father.

The rumored WB Montreal project now is being reported to star a Damien Wayne Batman, and not Bruce.

More rumors about MoS2… Rumored to be looking at John Boyega, if JJ gets the movie, Michael B Jordan if WB gets their way, and Cavill if AT&T gets their way.

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