Sunday, June 28, 2020

Ninja Turtles all over the place | Week In Nerdom



Ice Nine Kills
New Acoustic record recorded at the Stanley. “Undead & Unplugged: Live From the Overlook Hotel.”

Times of Grace
New record is DONE according to Jesse Leach. Just looking for the right time to release it.


Season 6 officially announced to be real.

Twilight Zone
“You Might Also Like,” an episode from season 2 of Jordan Peele’s reincarnation, will serve as a direct sequel to the “To Serve Man” classic episode… do we really need these reaches?

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Netflix is producing an anime based on the upcoming video game. Set to premiere in 2022, with Studio Trigger in charge of the Animation duties.

Unsolved Mysteries
Netflix is rebooting the classic series. The first half of the series will launch on July 1. The second half has not been announced. 


What movie from the 90s really DOESN’T need to be remade? Universal and producer Frank Marshall would disagree…

Moved back 2 MORE weeks. Now coming out August 12.

Magic Schoolbus
Live action movie happening. Starring Elizabeth Banks as Ms. Frizzle.


Apex Legends
New patch gives lifeline the ability to revive both her teammates, next patch will likely be for octane, and Mobile is aiming for release by the end of the year.

TMNT: Mutant Madness is a new mobile game launching in September that is reminiscent of Fallout Shelter in ways. Though not too many details are yet known.

Bug Finders
Sony is offering money to find bugs in the PS4 and PSN… up to $50,000. Nintendo did this with their Switch. Using HackerOne like Nintendo did.

Comic Books/Books

Issue #105 sees the clan expand even more. This time we are getting the first non-turtle member since Splinter. Alopex (the most recent{2015} creation of Kevin Eastman) is a snow fox, and former foot clan member. His color is Green.

Rumor Mill

Ayer Cut
More and more rumors saying this is likely on the way…

Snyder Cut: Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds coming back for the part? More rumors say he is.

Batman Beyond
Rumored to be headed to HBO Max with Michael Keaton.
OR… other rumors have it that the Michael Keaton Bats won’t be in the DCEU at all, but the movies he will be in will further explore the Burton ‘89 Bat-verse.

Superman Series
HBO Max is ALSO rumored to be getting a Superman series starring Brandon Routh.

DC Gaming
More rumors about a new WB Montreal Batman game PLUS a Suicide Squad game (Rocksteady?) are floating around after WB purchased "Batman: Gotham Knights" "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” domain names.

CBS All Access is rumored to be working on a live action series with the heroes in a half shell.

Now there are rumors that Nicolas Cage is ALSO in talks to be in the movie. Finally going to play his Superman role.

RE 4
Rumor suggests that there will be lots of new story elements in the remake that still isn’t officially announced.

Silver & Black
Now rumored to be a series on Disney+???

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