Saturday, June 13, 2020

Week In Nerdom



Junkie XL
The famed DJ is set to score the Godzilla VS Kong movie.

Working on new music for the first time in 12 years.

Quiet Riot
Will be among, if not THE, the first to try social distancing at concerts. July 4th will see the band playing in front of 3000 fans at Magic Springs Theme And Water Park in Hot Springs, AR.


Star Trek: BNW
Jonathan Frakes has confirmed that he will be directing episodes of the series

The Walking Dead
Could see the season 10 Finale in July. Sounds like there is just mostly editing to do, and some pick up shots.

Dr. Who
Holiday Special won’t be affected by the virus. Has already been shot. According to star, Mandip Gill. 


Also looking to be 100% open in July.


PS5 Reveal event
Project Athia
Returnal (Edge of Tomorrow much?)
Oddworld: Soul Storm
Ghost Wire: Tokyo
Horizon: Forbidden West (Zero Dawn 2)

Comic Books/Books

The newest member of the Bat-family. Batman #95 sees the introduction of the new vigilante. It sounds like James Tynion IV is challenging Batman’s ethics.

#71 will finally end the “Ric” issue… but now we have Joker injecting himself as Dick Grayson’s savior and NOT Bruce Wayne.

July 22 sees ComicCon@home. A free version of the convention online.

Rumor Mill

Anchor Point
The reported working title for the new Hawkeye Disney+ series. The name is a call back to the first trade book that collected Kate Bishop stories.

Man of Steel 2
According to a rumor, an internal WB memo straight up says what we have been saying on the show for a while now, if the Snyder Cut does well, and they can get some momentum going, THEN they will greenlight a sequel to MoS. Right now they just don’t think it will do well.

Professor X
Dr Strange 2 will see Prof X join the Illuminati, and be a pivotal role to the story. Much more morally ambiguous.

Season 2 rumored to see yet ANOTHER new Joker.

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