Sunday, June 7, 2020

CBS to Split with Star Trek? | Week In Nerdom


Taking their tour dates 365 days later. “Same time next year,” frontman, Corey Taylor, told Trunk Nation on SiriusXM.


Kate Kane will be removed entirely from the show. The new Batwoman will be Ryan Wilder, a BRAND NEW CHARACTER created solely for this show/purpose. This is gunna get bad FAST.

The rights to Daredevil will revert to Disney/Marvel in 6 months. The rest of the Netflix shows are soon to follow. Silver linings

Netflix has finally nailed down Tom Ellis for a 6th season.


The John Wick Sequel is STILL in development. Director Chad Stahelski told THR.

Ridley Scott wants to do another movie in the franchise. He thinks there is another story to be told about the ship from the original film, and why it was carrying a cargo of xenomorph eggs.

Snyder Cut
Tony Concalves, Head of HBO Max, talked with the Verge, discussing the precedent this may be setting.


Game Gear Micro
Sega is releasing another tiny console… that no one asked for, or seemingly really wants. There are 4 different versions, each with 4 different games.

Steam Community member AmbientDruth has recreated PT inside of Half-Life: Alyx’s VR environment. YIKES!

Comic Books/Books

80th anniversary issue has released, to less than good reviews.

Getting his own series, but the release date has been pulled indefinitely. WAS scheduled for May 6.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight
The Murphy-verse continues with Terry McGinnis. Sean Gordon Murphy anticipates a summer 21 release, once his Plot-Holes book is finished.

Rumor Mill

Star Trek
CBS is looking to sell the property, and we will likely NOT see Strange New Worlds, or ANY of the other new Trek shows until said sale has happened.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Disney is reportedly casting the character for future TV/Streaming shows.

Man of Steel
It was only a matter of time. Now there is a rumor that Cavill will in fact get the MoS sequel he was hoping for. Possibly even with Zack Snyder at the helm, and with a cameo (or supporting role) from Black Adam (the Rock).

HBOMax Batman
More rumors about the Affleck lead series. Echoing what we have already talked about, and adding that not only will Affleck be the showrunner, but the series will either be based on Affleck’s original script for his Batman movie, OR based on what the ORIGINAL post credit scene alludes to from the Snyder Cut. Both of which include Deathstroke heavily. ALSO, the rumor goes on to say that Leto will get in on the action to some degree too!

Could the next Black Label DC movie be based on Bane? 

Leaked line-up for the MCU introduction to the team:
Thunderbird, Storm, Cyclops, Havok, Nightcrawler, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), and Sunfire.
The intro of Storm specifically is said to be through an association with Wakanda and Black Panther.
The rumor also goes on to suggest that the team will live at the Professor X School for Gifted Youngsters boarding school. So we will likely see MANY more mutants.
As for Professor X, actor Giancarlo Esposito is said to be cast in the role. Esposito has voiced Lex Luthor, and been in a slew of movies/tv shows including the Maze Runner series, and The Boys.

The Mandalorian
Plans to make Din a Jedi eventually?
Another rumor says Cal Kestis will be appearing in the 3rd season of the series. Potentially plans are to bring Cameron Monaghan back for the role. Will they age him though?
Yet ANOTHER rumor says that the series will eventually show us the creation of the Knights of Ren.

Venom series
Marvel working on adapting the character, possibly as Agent Venom or Anti-Venom, for Disney+

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