Saturday, November 17, 2018

Comic Books Week In Nerdom 11-16 - Fight Club 3, The Green Lantern #1, D...


Comic Books

DC Black Label
DC is expanding their “adult” imprint to include some classic books. Darkest Night, Killing Joke, All-Star Superman and other classics that haven’t been in proper print for a while. So it’s kinda cool, but is this needed? Isn’t this kind of what Vertigo was supposed to be originally?

Wolverine: The Lost Trail
Now that the Long Night has released the last chapter to the world at large, Marvel is moving on to the next scripted Podcast. This time Logan is headed to New Orleans, which means Gambit is going to join the fray. Richard Armitage returns as Wolverine, Bill Irwin as Jason Wyngarde, Bill Heck as Remy LaBeau, and Blair Brown as Bonnie Roach. The series will be written by Ben Percy.

Fight Club 3
Chuck Palahniuk returns to tell more of Tyler Durden’s story. The artist is the same guy he used for Fight Club 2 Cameron Stewart. This part of the saga will see Balthazar have to team up with Tyler to stop a different organization from invading Rize or Die’s territory in the mayhem department. #1 goes on shelves January 30, 2019.

The Green Lantern #1
Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern is what you would expect from him. WEIRD! Lots of timey wimey-ness. But it is still pretty damn good! And the ART! YES PLEASE! Hal Jordan is tasked with finding the traitor who is rewriting the book of Oa.

Border Town #3
THIS IS THE MOST HEAVY HANDED NONSENSE! I do dig the art. But otherwise avoid this book like the plague!

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