Friday, November 9, 2018

Gaming Week In Nerdom 11-8 - Final Smash Bros Roster, P.T. glitch, and M...


Nerdy Gaming News!

Smash Bros Ultimate
All kinds of updates. DLC is a thing. There will be 5 DLC packs at 5.99 each, or 25$ as a group. The first DLC has also been announced, Piranha Plant. Also the final regular roster characters announced, Ken Masters and Incineroar.

There was a nasty rumor last week that Konami is taking aggressive steps to make sure NO ONE can play the best horror experience in the last decade… Well fret not lucky PS4 owners. It was just a batch of unfortunate events. A team at Polygon rooted through the code and found no such update.

Sega Rewind
Furthering the gaming nostalgia trend, sega is releasing their “Classics” collection on the switch. The 50 game compilation came out earlier this year on the other major consoles and will release on Nintendo Dec. 9th. Pricing is still unknown, but it can’t be expensive.

Warcraft III: Reforged
Blizzard announced at BlizCon that they are reworking their last installment of the classic RTS series. To be released sometime in 2019 for 30$ for the regular edition, and 40$ for the “Spoils of War” Edition, which gets you special skins as well as bonuses for other Blizzard games, like a Hearthstone card, and characters in Heroes of the Storm, and so on.

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