Saturday, November 3, 2018

Comics Week In Nerdom 11-2 - Juggernaut is good but different, Jawbreake...


Comic Books news for the week!

Mark Waid started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fight the lawsuit brought against him by Richard C Meyer the author of Jawbreakers. Originally Meyer was supposed to get his comic published through Anarctic Press, and then Waid “talked to them” and they suddenly changed their mind about publishing the book.

Marvel just changed the Juggernaut into a mutant? Well kinda… more like they added a little bit of depth to the character. In X-Men Black: Juggernaut, Marko Cain (prof X’s half brother) get imprisoned by the Priests of Cytorrak, and he has to fight his way out. At one point even fighting his master, Cytorrak himself. Through the struggle we learn that the rage that fuels Juggernaut doesn’t come from the Gem of Cytorrak, but from inside Cain himself. Is this an allusion to a mutant ability? Finally it is revealed that there are likely 7 other gems that are part of what is know as the Octoessence. Will we see Juggernaut make a Thanos turn?

In other retcon news from Marvel… Deadpool doesn’t really have a healing factor? In DP vs Black Panther #1 Black panther heals Deadpools arm off and then surmises that what actually grows back on Deadpool is cancerous cells and not healthy cells. On the cover for issue #4 though Wade has his arm back, so it isn’t gone for good… but it also seems that Wade wins the battle somehow… I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.

Evil Dead/Bubba Ho-Tep
IDW and Dynamite Entertainment are publishing a crossover book for all of you Bruce Campbell fans out there. We won’t see him in either of these rolls ever again, but that’s not to say these characters don’t have anything to say anymore. We will see it in the December Previews, and it is set to release in February 2019.

Return of Wolverine
In #2 we get to see the new “ability” that writer Charles Soule has imbued him with. It seems pretty cheesey. Though I like the idea of “if you come back from the dead it should mean something.”

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