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Major X
Rob Liefeld is creating another new X-character. It sounds like this is his “big thing” that he has been working on for Marvel for the last few months. Major X, according to what Liefeld told Entertainment Weekly (https://ew.com/books/2019/01/18/deadpool-creators-new-x-men-character/), hails from a different plane of being called the X-istance. ‘X-istence’ — a mutant Shangri-La, a safe haven that has been a realm where mutantkind has lived in peace and harmony. They escaped there following a tragedy that befell mutantkind, and built this community. There are some familiar faces that he has forged this other society with. But then a terrible event happens within the X-istence that causes Major X to cross over and land in the Marvel Universe that we know. But he doesn’t land in the spot he was hoping, so in the first issue he is in 1991. We progressively get him where he needs to go. By the conclusion of the story, we catch up to modern-day Marvel.” The book will be bi-weekly for 6 issues starting in April.

Symbiote Spider-Man
Marvel has announced a new Spider-Man series based during the time when Peter Parker first donned the black suit. The first appearance of the alien symbiote was in Spider-Man #252 during the original secret wars arc back in ‘84. The book starts in April and will be helmed by Peter David (Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider) and Greg Land (Domino, Hunt for Wolverine).

Arkham Knight
Brad Walker, penciller at DC who has worked on Supergirl and The Demon: Hell Is Earth, is joining the likes of Peter J. Tomasi, Andrew Hennessy and Nathan Fairbairn, on Detective Comics #1001, and the plan is to introduce the Arkham Knight into DC comics proper canon. Which is weird because Jason Todd is already in the regular DC canon. Perhaps they will change who the Knight is?


Naomi #1
(A)Jamal Campbell (W)David F. Walker, Brian Michael Bendis
The art in this book is FANTASTIC! Technically speaking there is a lot about this book that is REALLY good. The places where it is weaker are more story and mythology based. We learn very little about why our protagonist aside from she is adopted (which leads us to another issue… but we will get there), and she is obsessed with superheroes in her hometown. Her adoption status reveals, through dialogue with her therapist, that apparently Superman’s secret identity is known… WHAT? That is a bit of a flaw yes? If you can get passed that, the rest of this book is quite good. And it reads very well.
General Score: 90/100
Mythology: 77/100
Story: 85/100
Enjoyability: 88/100

Buffy #1
(W) Jordie Bellaire (A) Dan Mora (CA) Matt Taylor
This book is fun! A reimagining of the popular Buffy mythos created by Joss Whedon. The art is very enjoyable, and the dialogue (at times) comes off like it was just pulled right out of the tv series. Though in other areas, the dialogue comes off as clunky, and like Jordie is trying just a little too hard. The Narration is hit and miss, but when it hits, it hits in all the right ways. There are some logic issues in the book, though. First, in a scene about halfway through the book we find Buffy sleeping on the grave of what we are to infer is going to be a new vampire. A thing that happens a few times in the original series, so no issue there. BUT when the new born vampire emerges from the coffin/grave he not only has knowledge of the slayer, but also has a medallion given to him from a witch to keep him alive. How does a new vampire have all of this? Second is tied to the narration. We get the narration bubbles in a form that suggests a text dialogue box like on a computer screen. So this is implying, perhaps, a computer based journal. Which we actually see toward the end of the issue, only it is in the hands of Xander for some reason.
Overall though I enjoyed this book.
General Score: 65/100
Mythology: 79/100
Story: 85/100
Enjoyability: 92/100

Guardians of the Galaxy #1
(W) Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw
This was a bit of a surprise, because I liked it more than I anticipated. To be fair though, I anticipated hating this book. There really is a bunch of nonsense that they expect you to just go with and not look any deeper. Like the apparent death of a large group of characters. There are also some art issues in the last few pages, but this book has some of the better page layouts of all 3 from this week.
General Score: 65/100
Mythology: 72/100
Story: 70/100
Enjoyability: 80/100

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