Wednesday, January 9, 2019

TV Week In Nerdom 1-7 - Deadpool Animated Again, Weird Al on TV, Banders...


TV nerd news for the week!


One Punch Man
Preview landed on YouTube giving us an April release date for season 2.

TV Line is reporting that WEIRD AL!!! Is going to be voicing a character in season 2 named Smoking Man Baby. The character is described as “toxic masculinity in a diaper.” Oh boy…

Deadpool: Animated Series
Rob Liefeld told the Nerdist that he was personally told by an executive at Marvel that he will get a Deadpool cartoon. Check out my interview with Joe Kelley

CW has officially ordered a pilot for Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. No time frame has been given for production just yet, but if we go off the development cycle from last year, they will likely go into production at the end of spring in order to get the pilot ready for summer. Then, if it’s successful, it should get worked into the schedule next fall. IF, it’s successful.

Season 2 gets its release date. Jan 18th… and then the cancelation notice will be announced Jan 21st.


Netflix’s first foray into the “Pick Your Adventure” style of storytelling. I was afraid that much like the books of the same ilk this would be lacking in the content department because of the expectation to keep the general length the same as other similar books. My frame of reference being the Goosebumps books of my childhood. The average book length for those was around 200 to 250 pages. The pick your own adventures style Goosebumps books were close to the same length in pages, though boasting multiple endings, meaning the actual length of the story was significantly shorter to account for the extra endings. My worry was assuaged twice with Bandersnatch. First with the announced length from Netflix of 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is about 30 min longer than a standard episode. Then again upon actually viewing the episode. I spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes going through this episode.
As to the actual content of the episode, this is a bit of a departure from form for the team behind Black Mirror. While still pretty sci-fi, this is set in the past instead of the future, which limits the tech and such. Otherwise it felt just like any other Black Mirror episode. With that in mind it felt like most of the options, especially the latter ones, were crazy dark. I realize that is a staple of the series, but with it being a choose your destiny style episode I felt like some of the options could have gone lighter. Like maybe not black and white, but more like black and middle gray, instead of black and pitch.
General Score: 85/100
Anthology: 80/100
Story: 80/100
Enjoyability: 90/100

This is a bit of a conundrum. Part of me loves this series. I like to call this part of me the “Kevin Smith” part of me, because the only reason I can find for those feelings is because it is cool to see these characters doing things on screen. The other part of me, is reservedly optimistic still. Even after finishing the series, this side is still kind of on the fence. It feels off somehow. The cinematography at times is GREAT, and then sometimes feels cheap and film student-y. Some of the episodes feel like they just end, like they were originally planning on releasing the series all at once. And the blue filter just plain HAS to go! The desaturated look is great in horror and traditional action/dramas. But in a superhero show, especially one that stars the TITANS, we need to see color. You can be serious and ALSO have a full color pallette. There also is an emotional lack in a LOT of the performances. There isn’t much character development for our lead, Dick Grayson. Sure it’s there, but it happens mostly in ONE episode. One out of eleven is not a good ratio. That being said, by the end the characters all pretty closely resemble their source material. It is NOT perfect, but it’s pretty enjoyable nonetheless.
General Score: 85/100
Mythology: 80/100
Story: 80/100
Enjoyability: 85/100

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