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Comic Books Week In Nerdom 1-7 - Deadpool Redesign, The Grim Knight, and...


Comic Books!


Rob Liefeld shared this image on his IG. Does this have anything to do with his purported GIANT X-Men project he is working on for sometime this year? Speaking of Deadpool, the solicitation for Deadpool/Spider-Man #48 is teasing perhaps a bit of a change for the character. They seem to be implying that a new villain will have (and execute) the ability to reinstate the 4th wall for Deadpool. Is there a more serious Deadpool in our future?

The Grim Knight
The Batman Who Laughs’ sidekick is getting his own one off. To be written by Scott Snyder with input from Tynion IV and art by Eduardo Risso. It is set to hit shelves on March 13th.
“Ripped from Batman’s greatest nightmares, the Grim Knight is his world’s most dangerous vigilante, unafraid to use any weapon and go to any lengths to stop those whom he deems worthy of death. Trained with the finest arsenal Wayne money can buy, learn the secret origin of the second-deadliest Batman, hand selected by the Batman Who Laughs to bring his dark plans to fruition. This one-shot has a big 28-page story!”

Walking Dead
Creator Robert Kirkman addressed the “repetitiveness” of the series in the letters section in the back of issue #187.
"I've heard the 'Oh, man... TWD just recycles the same story over and over again,' complaint many times. And if you're not into the book anymore, that's fine, stop. I completely understand. Some people aren't up for the long haul ... But 'meeting new groups and getting into conflicts with them' is... every... continuing story. It's every TV show. New enemies, new antagonists, new conflicts... and each of those conflicts are different in some way... and result in characters learning new things and growing in new ways. The same way the conflict with The Governor and Woodbury is completely different than the conflict with Negan and the Saviors... in almost every single way. If you think those two huge storylines are the same, this book just isn't for you. And that's fine!"


Batman: Damned #2
Book 2 continues in the fashion the first book started. INCREDIBLE! Azzarello and Bermejo are doing an incredible job with this first official Black Label book. This is supposed to an Elseworlds story, but so far everything that has happened could easily be canon for the main universe. The story does drag ever so slightly, which I feel might be due to having Constantine as the narrator. Not that Azzarello isn’t a great story teller, it just feels a little disconnected having someone who is effectively a peripheral character, at least to this point in the story, be the voice that moves along the story. It is also, possibly, due to the flashback scenes that are supposed to deepen our understanding of the character of Batman, but seem more like distractions from the story. As for the art the only thing I would say (aside from BRAVO of course, because this is a BEAUTIFUL book) is Batman’s pants look less like a Batman uniform and more like hockey pads… but that is really just a nit pick.
General Score: 95/100
Mythology: 100/100
Story: 80/100
Enjoyability: 95/100

Martian Manhunter #1
After hearing all the buzz about this book I was super excited to read it. Now though… it seems the excitement was all for naught. J’onn J’onzz’s new book is bland. It isn’t terribly, but it is a bit trying with all of the sci-fi bleep bloop talk through about ⅔ of the book. Which is probably what took away from the enjoyability. Steve Orlando is trying his best to create Mars speak in the vein of Ray Bradbury, and falls short pretty hard. The art style makes up for some of that however. Riley Rossmo has had his hand in some of the top tier books in the past, but this is the first time I feel like his art is a voice unto itself.
General Score: 70/100
Mythology: 70/100
Story: 60/100
Enjoyability: 70/100

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