Saturday, January 26, 2019

Gaming Week In Nerdom 1-21 - Who am I kidding? This is mostly just a Mor...



Evil Dead
With the cancelation of season 4 of the Ash VS the Evil Dead series on Starz, star Bruce Campbell has been teasing that there are “several projects” in the works for the franchise. Last Saturday Campbell responded to a fan on twitter when asked straight up if a game is one of those projects, by saying simply “Yes.”

MK 11
The reveal event was Thursday, and the game looks EPIC! Of the 25 (maybe more) Kharacters in the kast so far we have these konfirmed to some degree: Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Skarlet, Baraka, Geras, Liu Kang, Kronika (the mystery kharacter from the trailer), and Shao Kahn. Potential Kharacters include Kabal (though the still frame suggest maybe someone else… Smoke?) and Shinnok, though he potentially will only exist in story cinematics.
We ALSO got the reveal of the Kollector’s Edition bonus Scorpion mask. YES PLEASE!!
The first Kombat Kast is slated for January 30th. Stay tuned!

Far Cry: New Dawn
The next installment is almost upon us. And Ubisoft is getting to be a bit forthcoming with info since we are so close (Feb 15). It looks like we will be seeing more of Eden’s Gate and Joseph Seed, or what remains of them anyway. It all seems to be very familiar territory, just with the unique setting this time being post apocalypse. There are little add-ons like the ability to team up with friendly animals and such, but again, these mechanics are all pretty familiar if slightly expanded.

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