Wednesday, January 23, 2019

TV Week In Nerdom 1-21 - Channel Zero Let Down, Disney+ Rumors, REVIEW S...



Channel Zero
Sad news for horror fans, the anthology series based on creepy pasta stories has been cancelled after 4 seasons. Now this is more of them just not renewing the contract than a cancellation, but still a bummer.

Disney+ Rumors
This goes beyond Loki or even the Vision/Scarlet Witch and the Falcon/Winter Soldier series that are still technically rumors, but pretty safe bets in the “oh-its-gunna-happen” camp. We are talking about a Lady Sif series, a Hawkeye series, Rocket and Groot, Agent 13, Nebula and Okoye, the Ravagers, an Ant-Man Prequel focusing on Hank Pym, AS WELL AS Moonknight and the Sentry. All of these series are being rumored to be in some stage of development, but it could just be that someone found Kevin Feige’s wishlist and published it to the web.

The second half of Season 4 is going to introduce Lex Luthor, played by Jon Cryer. The series’ executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner had this to say about their version of Lex: “"The character is not that dissimilar to what we’ve seen in canon. He just [has] a sparkle in his eye and is smarter than everybody in the room and 12 steps ahead of everyone, and just a large, delicious villain."

Unsolved Mysteries
Netflix, in their all knowing ability to bring back favorite shows from days gone by, is bringing back Unsolved Mysteries with the help of Shawn Levy. Levy, who is EP on Stranger Things, is teaming with the production team from the original series John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer, along with Josh Barry. No word on who will host the new series.


Deadly Class Pilot
Now that the season has officially premiered on the channel, let’s talk about weather or not it is worth it to check this series out.
The pilot episode is very well crafted, from the camera work to the music selection, there is not much about the non-acted portions of this show.
The writing and the delivery of the dialogue, commonly referred to as acting, is as could be expected with young/child actors. Hit and miss. Some of these kids, i.e. Benjamin Wadsworth (the lead), are adequate and convincing for the most part. But most of them are flat and lifeless. If that is because of direction/writting choices, or acting choices it is kind of unclear. Though it seems that a writing/directing team that can get a passable effort out of Henry Rollins, probably knows what it’s doing.
General Score: 85/100
Setup: 90/100
Story: 80/100
Enjoyability: 93/100

Star Trek Discovery S02E01
Season 2 premiere episode. Anson Mount as Captain Pike is excellent. And there is something about Doug Jones that is always so engaging, even in the few moments where he seems to just be reading his lines. Though to be fair, the makeup would seem to make it difficult to emote well. This feels like they are leaning a little more into the sense of humor. Which actually feels natural. The first season felt much darker and serious, which seemed a touch off. That’s not to say there aren’t poignant moments or stakes or even weight to the dialogue, but those moments of levity actually make the poignant moments that much better. Seniqua Martin Green still feels a little carboard, much like the first season. Michael’s father, Sarek played by James Frain again, also feels too flat. Is this the way they are directing them? I feel like Nimoy’s spock and most of the previous Vulcans I seem to remember them each being a full character, and not this vague approximation of one. Great subversion of expectations(ish) during the asteroid sequence. Tig Notaro as commander Reno is even more flat than Martin-Green, and she is ALL exposition.
General Score:78/100

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